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Trail Blazers (coming in fall)

6 - 10 YEARS OLD


The Trail Blazers program for kids aged 6-10 reconnects children with nature through bushcraft skills, art and handicrafts, outdoor cooking, and adventure activities. They learn outdoor safety, shelter building, fire making, plant identification, and navigation, while also enjoying creative projects and cooking in nature. Join us for fun, exploration, and a journey of discovery!

children exploring nature

Who Should Join?

  • Ideal for 6-10 year olds and families seeking a holistic, non-traditional education

  • Perfect for children eager to develop confidence, independence, emotional identification, and regulation through nature

  • Valuable enrichment program for homeschooling families, offering an alternative to public school

  • Great for kids seeking connection, adventure, and fun with peers

  • Active and engaging alternative to traditional desk-based education

  • Emphasizes a screen-free educational environment


  • Holistic Learning Experience: Trail Blazers offers a blend of bushcraft, creative arts, outdoor cooking, and adventure, providing hands-on learning that nurtures both practical skills and creativity.

  • Skill Development: Kids will learn essential life skills such as outdoor safety, shelter building, fire making, plant identification, and navigation, boosting their confidence and problem-solving abilities.

  • Connection with Nature: The program encourages children to appreciate and navigate the natural world, fostering a deep and lasting connection with nature.

  • Fun and Adventure: With activities like water, mud, and snow play, hiking, games, and sensory connections, Trail Blazers ensures that kids have a fun, engaging, and memorable experience.


Our Commitment to Outdoor Learning

All our classes are held entirely outdoors, utilizing sheltered areas during inclement weather to ensure comfort and safety. This outdoor setting enriches the learning experience, fostering a unique bond between your family and the natural world.

Trail Blazers

Arrival and Open Play:

Kids start with free play, exploring and engaging with the natural environment.

Circle Time with Songs and Stories:

A time to gather, sing, and listen to stories that connect them with nature and each other.

Nature Sit Spot:

A mindful pause to focus on well-being, possibly including breathing exercises or a short nature meditation.

Lesson and Activity:

A structured learning experience, which could involve bushcraft skills, art projects, or outdoor cooking, enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Unstructured Free Play:

Children have time for unstructured play, allowing them to explore, create, and play freely.

Goodbye Circle:

A closing circle to reflect on the day's adventures, share highlights, and say goodbye until the next class.

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semester Dates

Varies by season

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Missouri City


The Woodlands


Brazos Bend State Park

Downtown Houston


Drop-In Fee $35

Monthly Fee $112

Semester Fee $336

age groups

6-10 years old

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