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Join us for an enchanting journey into the natural world with our Nature Explorers class, designed for children from 3-6 years old and their caregivers. This 75-minute, caregiver-accompanied session is offered year-round, providing a vibrant, educational playground where children and adults alike can deepen their connection with nature through playful, inquiry-driven learning.

two children sitting on a log in the outdoors with their pet dog

Who Should Join?

  • Children who are 3-6 years who thrive outdoors or are looking to gain more outdoor experience.

  • Caregivers seeking a supportive community and opportunities to forge lasting friendships.

  • Families desiring to enrich their child’s sensory development and natural curiosity.

  • Anyone interested in integrating the magic and wonder of nature into their child’s weekly routine through a Waldorf-inspired, nature immersion methodology.



  • Dynamic Outdoor Learning: Each class takes place entirely outdoors, allowing children to learn in the most natural classroom. Whether it's raining, snowing, or sunny, we adapt by setting up shelters, making every session comfortable and engaging.

  • Seasonal Themes: Our curriculum is tailored to the changing seasons, with activities centered around themes like animal behaviors, weather patterns, ecological jobs, and natural phenomena. This seasonal approach keeps the learning experience fresh and exciting all year long.

  • Interactive and Fun: Get ready to get messy! Our classes encourage physical play—jumping, spinning, digging, and more. We blend storytelling, song, and movement to create magical learning experiences that captivate the imagination.

  • Program Schedule & Commitment

    Nature Explorers is organized into three semesters, each specifically designed to maximize children's engagement with the seasonal changes in our natural environment:

    • Fall Season (September to December): Delve into the autumnal wonders and prepare for the approaching colder months with activities that celebrate the essence of fall.

    • Winter Season (January to March): Explore the crisp, cool weather with activities that highlight the unique beauty and challenges of the winter landscape.

    • Spring/Summer Season (April to July): Experience the burst of life during the spring and early summer, full of vibrant, engaging activities that mirror the season's energy.

    We take short breaks in August and December to refine our curriculum and plan for the upcoming semesters, ensuring each one is filled with innovative and exciting educational opportunities.***


    Maximize the Learning Journey

    To provide a comprehensive and immersive nature-based learning experience, each semester is structured as a 12-16 week series. Enrolling in all three series is strongly recommended. This extended engagement allows your child to fully integrate and apply the knowledge and skills they acquire, ensuring a more impactful educational experience. Continuous exposure to nature throughout the year not only enhances their learning but also deepens their appreciation and understanding of the environmental cycles.

    Embrace the full scope of our Nature Explorers program by committing to a year of discovery and growth. Join us in fostering a profound connection with the natural world, season by season.

    Our Commitment to Outdoor Learning

    Our Little Sprouts classes are held entirely outdoors, utilizing sheltered areas during inclement weather to ensure comfort and safety. This outdoor setting enriches the learning experience, fostering a unique bond between your family and the natural world.

    Join Us for Unforgettable Adventures

    Ready for your child to flourish outdoors? Enroll in Nature Explorers today and embark on a transformative educational journey that nurtures development, ignites creativity, and fosters a deep, lifelong connection with the natural world. Let’s make every season educational and magical!


    Arrival and Open Play:

    A time for free exploration as everyone gathers.

    Circle Time:

    We come together for songs & stories that introduce the day's theme.

    Main Activity:

    Engage in a hands-on activity related to the theme, from crafting magical potions to tracking animal prints.

    Nature Walk/Hike:

    Embark on a guided walk or hike to further explore the natural environment, enhancing the day’s learning theme.

    Wrap Up/Reflection Time:

    Conclude the session with a time for reflection, discussing what was learned and sharing experiences.

    Goodbye Song:

    We end each class with a cheerful goodbye song, reinforcing the day’s experiences and saying farewell until next time.

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    semester Dates

    Summer Season: Week of May 13th- Week of July 28th

    (Last Day of Season is August 3rd)

    Fall Season: Week of September 15th-Week of December 15th

    (Last Day of Season is December 21st)

    Winter/Spring Season: Week of January 14th-Week of April 14th

    (Last Day of Season is April 20th)






    Brazos Bend State Park

    Downtown Houston

    Missouri City-Coming in The Fall!

    Pearland-Coming in The Fall!

    Spring/Humble-Coming in the Fall!

    The Woodlands-Coming in the Fall!


    Drop-In Fee $35

    Monthly Fee $112

    Semester Fee $336

    age groups

    3-6 years old

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